Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

If you are like me, you’re getting awful sick of tearing off layers of pet hair rollers. Don’t get me wrong. EverCare has taken care of us for years. Both in hospital and at home, this roller hands down was the best. I’m just looking for something more reusable and handy. So when I came … Read more

Quarantine Grooming

Has your groomer been closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19? Check around. Some places are still open with just new protocols. Still can’t find a groomer? Well then, You are now your groomer   Grooming is a Necessity We are quickly learning what services we can not live without. For some long hair … Read more

Christmas Toxins

Mmmm… We are definitely deep into treat season as people trade gifts, plants and baked goods by the plateful. If you have a counter surfing mutt or a pet that is interested in anything and everything, it’s time to find a nice place in your cupboard to hide all these tempting treats from your fur … Read more

Hot Hot HOT!

Heat advisories are going into affect. It’s time to slow down and relax through the heat of the day and keep all activities for early morning or after the sun goes to bed. If you must be out and about in the heat, and seriously consider having to be outside, here are some ways to … Read more

ProHeart now has an injectable heartworm prevention that lasts 12 months!

ProHeart 12 completely removes the need for monthly prevention of Heartworm and treats existing hookworm infections. It is not for cats. BOOO!! However, if you have a dog older than 12 months of age, ask your veterinarian about ProHeart 12 for your dog. ProHeart vs Monthly Prevention ProHeart wins on Compliance: I love the monthly … Read more