Cooper and LeeLoo First Food

Many things have had to change around here now that River Cat has gone. Today, another change came. A food change.¬†LeeLoo came with Authority,¬†which isn’t sold at my go to stores Amazon or Petco and Cooper still eats Natural Balance Venison, which is on the high end of cost because it’s a specialty protein that … Read more

She’s Hired!

I guess the Easter Bunny knows something we didn’t. LeeLoo got a collar and her own set of raised bowls! So… I guess that means she is hired! Welcome to the team LeeLoo! Once you healed up you really fit right in here. There is still some growing pains to work through but man, even … Read more

LeeLoo Dallas – Day 7: Trouble

LeeLoo is feeling a little better, which is bad news for Cooper. She came right out this morning, walked right into my daughters tent and turned into a psycho-cat if Cooper came within two feet of her. No. Not just swearwords. There was hissing, growling and spitting as well. Luckily for me, she doesn’t know … Read more