Christmas Toxins

Mmmm… We are definitely deep into treat season as people trade gifts, plants and baked goods by the plateful. If you have a counter surfing mutt or a pet that is interested in anything and everything, it’s time to find a nice place in your cupboard to hide all these tempting treats from your fur … Read more

November 2019

Being that it is November 6th now, I have finally taken a deep breath, held back my tears and removed the Halloween homepage. The homepage is now what Webmaster Shaun told me to make it, a landing page for everyone visiting My New Pet. Updates and fun will now be posts to direct you to … Read more

Halloween 2019

It’s Halloween!   Or at least, that’s what my four-year-old son keeps chanting around the house every few seconds, and since I’m a huge fan of Halloween, I’m all for it! But, like any other holiday, we see an increasing amount of pets in the Emergency Rooms so this season I’ll be throwing out tips … Read more