Where to Find Your New Pet

A shelter.

Pretty please. Or rescue, or check around your neighborhood or work for pets needing homes. Puppies, kittens, old, young, they are out there… looking for you. Go find them.

PetFinder is a good place to start.

They even have tips on getting just the right pet for you! You can find he breed you want, the age you want, the color you want… right there! Or make up your own breed. Be the only one on your block with a labradoodlepitshephard.

Please, please, please adopt.

Want a pet, but your parents or landlord say NO!

Look around the neighborhood for pets in need.



This was a courtesy shave down we did for an elderly gentlemen who could no longer physically brush or walk his dog. Yes, that is a water bottle chilling out in the space between the mat and the dog. We basically got a pelt off this little kid.

Old and infirm people need the love and companionship pets can provide, but their pets need care too.

Go brush their pets, walk their pets, play with their pets so their pets can take better care of their people.


Get some extra money and pet sit.

Volunteer at a shelter and love on all the furry friends you can handle.

I heard of a guy that came every day on lunch and walked all the dogs in the local shelter no matter how many there were. Good for the dogs, good for health walking that much! Win-Win! Go walk dogs, play with kittens and help your community.

Want to Buy a Pet?

Please do not support puppy farms by purchasing animals from pet stores. Adopting from pet stores, yes. Adoption events at pet stores are completely awesome, but do not purchase a puppy at one. Check breed enthusiast sites and find an honest breeder. Meet the puppies parents and family and see that it came from a happy place. We all want to buy tiny puppies away from a bad place, but that only supports said badness and makes you a party to it. Do not give bad breeders the funds to continue their practices. Only support honest breeders in it for the love of the breed.