Veterinary Care

Find a good veterinarian you like early and stay with them. You will need to visit the vet at least once a year for an exam and prevention review. It’s great when they already have a history on your beloved fur child and good veterinary staff are really good at answering all the questions you may have on your pet as it grows and changes.

Cooper and LeeLoo’s Awesome Veterinarian


Did your mother ever say, “Prevention is worth a pound of cure.”? Mine did. Truthfully I never really understood what she meant until I became a Vet Tech and now… I have even heard myself saying the same thing to clients. Prevent. It’s just cheaper and carries less heartbreak.

  • You will need yearly vaccines
  • You will need yearly wellness checks
  • You will need to discuss parasites and changing medical knowledge

We find a lot of issues on these yearly visits and can treat them before they become a problem. We like that best. We can discus dental health and healthy weight. We can even discuss anxiety and how to help your pet live a happy, healthy life. Really, any pet related question we can field. Unfortunately, we do not know everything but we can research answers for you if we don’t have them.

Your Veterinary Staff:

All hospitals-clinics have their own flow and methods so you usually have a great selection of offices to choose from and can find one that best suits your flow. Here is a review of our hospital flow to give you a good idea what to expect.


These people don’t get the credit they deserve. They deal with difficult clients, field phone calls, check clients in, check clients out, fill prescriptions, answer questions and so much more. I once saw one of our awesome receptionists sit with an older woman suffering from dementia and calmly go over, and over, and over, and over how to give medication to her pet. They are worth their weight in gold. Please treat them accordingly. I can not do this job. It takes someone extra special.

Receptionist are the show runners. They guide you through your visit from beginning to end and they know more than most give them credit for. Your visit will start there. They will welcome you in, weigh your pet if it fits on the big scale and then get you in a room.

Office Pets:

You might even meet a fury hospital friend while you wait in the lobby.


Draco loves greeting people and watching over their kittens. We used to call him ‘Momma Draco’ when we were at Central Valley Vet. He was always very good at nurturing the little ones.


Veterinary Technicians

This is where I come in and great you. We assess your pet, verify all information and get vitals. We’ll ask lots of questions and then relay all that information to your veterinarian so they can make sure they have what they need before coming in. Ear trouble? Bring otoscope. Skin issues? Bring some slides and oil. Etc.

Together we make a game place on how to help your pet the very best way possible.


They have studied long and hard for their degrees. They go to seminars and continuing education. They work long hard hours, sometimes late in the night to call clients and check on pets.

I love each and every vet I work with. They are fantastically amazing people that love helping animals, and cuddling with animals, and making them feel better. They spend so many hours worrying about your loved one.

Game Plan

We love to use estimates to show you just what we want and how much it will cost to there is no confusion. Sometimes it is receptionists that go over it with you, sometimes technicians, but we will always be happy to discus why we recommend what we do so that together we can find a plan that works for your pet.

Wrap Up

We’ll do what we do just as quickly as possible to get you and your fur pal on your way and back to snuggling at home. Our receptionists will check you out and reschedule if possible. If your pet had a hard time, feel free to drop by on slow days for your dog to sniff around, get treats and go home so they can become comfortable with the environment and the treats they receive.