Holidays and Seasonal Changes

The changes of seasons and fun holidays can sometimes add health risks for our furry friends. A little caution can go a long way to keep seasons and holidays bright. Here is a collection of the articles we have on these fun times.

Spring Fun and Cautions

Valentine’s Day

Enough special dinners and treats to make anyone a little woozy. Keep the love of your pet world safe and happy!


Independence Day






Winter Wonderland

December 21st through March 19th is technically winter. In this section we provide pros and cons to all cold, snowy weather and how to have safe fun in the snow! Complete with a section for dogs and cats.  Chilly Kitties or Outdoor Doggy Fun!



For every occasion, remember:

  • Unboxing holiday decorations or boxing them up again can make nervous pets panicky. Make sure they know you love them and they aren’t going anywhere. Give them some extra time and love.
  • Having a party? Find a quiet room for your pet to ride it out. Even extrovert pets that want to greet everyone and see what’s going on will need a safe spot to go. The door opens an awful lot when guests start arriving. Plenty of time for your pet to escape. More feet = more chance of being stepped on and guests might even feed or harass your furry friend.
  • Decorations? I hate tinsel, just saying. There are better ways to decorate your tree than with long metal shards that look fun to cats. Eating them is not good. Pets = no tinsel and no poinsettias unless their high out of chewing range. (Doesn’t hurt to do a quick Google search on any plant you have at home and see if it’s toxic to your pet.)
  • Candy! Halloween was always interesting in clinic. Quite colorful too when we had to make dogs vomit up the three tons of chocolates and other assorted candies when they raided the kids Trick-or-Treat stash! Chocolate is toxic to pets and sugar in that quantity isn’t good for any living creature. Keep treats out of reach.
  • Speaking of Halloween, costumes are scary! Masks can confused your canine friends into thinking there is a demon that smells like you in their house. Never get up into your dogs, or any other dogs, face with a mask on. You might get a very painful surprise! Even if you’ve been best friends for years, this is not safe.