The leaves are starting to change and the nights are so pleasantly cool. My heart lives in the fall. I hope fall sticks around for a good long while.

Something about hot days, thunderstorms and cold nights just puts my soul at ease. It also has the added benefit of harvest with all sorts of goodness coming in from gardens and farms.

It’s a great time to take your dogs on a long hike to enjoy the beautiful leaves and then snuggle with your favorite cat and a blanket to stave off chill nights.

As a winding down phase of the year, the most trouble comes from new decorations and slowing down. Boxes moving about and things changing quickly can cause anxiety to your pets that don’t know what’s going on.

Of course, if you have cat’s it may be you that gets anxious because they keep stealing your empty boxes! Try bringing out an empty box first and putting some catnip in it. Sometimes they’ll be so busy with the first box they will leave your half full boxes alone and won’t insist on squashing important things with their furry butts.


If you have a more nervous fur friend, just go slow with your seasonal decorating or try to make it a fun game. Too much reassurances can backfire into your furry friend thinking you are scared too and if you’re scared?!?! AAAAAHHHHKKKHHH! So ya, put on that happy face an enjoy yourself. That’s the best reassurance ever!

If that fails, make them a nice cozy den to ride out the terror and then slowly reintroduce them back into their own environment so they can see all the changes and reclaim their space in it.

If you have a hyper crazy kid, try sending them on a walk with others or letting them sprint in the backyard while you rearrange things and don’t let them eat anything! I know. It’s not always an easy request, but it really beats a trip to the ER to scope out what they ate or worse, surgery to remove something.

Healthy Weight

As it gets colder and colder we tend to stop playing out doors as much and become more sedentary. If we eat the same amount of food and do half the work… what do you think happens?

Weight gain… By the buckets.

At the veterinary clinic, you can hear us veterinary technicians rooms away ooing and ahhing at the adorably plump pets, but what isn’t so funny is what those extra pounds do to the joints and important organs inside. ‘Full Figured‘ we’ll say as we cuddle your furry friend, but our hearts are cold. Because we also see diabetes, mobility issues and organ failure in all that fat. We see compromised immune systems and malignant tumors. We see pets that can’t breath or play as they want to. It’s sorrow we feel. So as the season pushes you more to warm blankets and soft cushions, remember to lessen the food slightly to compensate.

Be observant always to your pet’s waistline and mobility. These are things that change a lot as time passes or seasons change.


Man my arthritis kills this time of year. If your pet starts to slow down in the cold, maybe they are feeling it too. Don’t let them suffer in silence. Be proactive and start helping before they are completely immobile. Get a veterinary appointment set up to make sure it’s arthritis and there isn’t something more concerning going on. X-rays might give you a bit of sticker shock on pricing if your vet suspects something else, but if its ostesarcoma, a muscle tear or a break that’s causing the problem, you need to know. Treatments are completely different! Know what you are dealing with.

If it’s arthritis. Mild exercise, supplements and the right anti-inflammatory can clear those mobility issues right up and make your old kid feel young again.

It’s OK if old dogs sleep more. They’ve earned it! But movement also helps those stiff joints stay lubricated so don’t skip walks or playtime. Maybe not got as far, as fast or as long but don’t stop! Warmth helps as well.