Spring Cautions

Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year. Mild weather that changes at a whim to rain and rainbows! But there is no doubt that our workload at the hospital double and then triple this time of year due to emergencies and unwell pet exams. What are the top complaints?

Itching-Scratching-Biting/Chewing at Skin

Why is he scratching so much more than normal? Parasites? Seasonal Allergies? Food allergies? Foxtails?

This can be mild irritation to actual self injury from biting and scratching so much.

There are a LOT of answers to this question which is why it’s a very hard question to answer on the phone. Your vet needs to get a good look at your pet’s skin, get a good history of any changes in the house, any new places you might be going with your pet, they might even need to biopsy or get a cytology to see what is the cause of the itching.


Burnt, Cut or Blistered Paw Pads

These are frustrating, both because they generally  happen during happy, needed exercise time and because paw pads are nearly impossible to suture together. Those tough soles are made to withstand a lot but heat or sharp things can still cause pain, blisters and tears.

  • Feel the ground before you take walks. If you can’t hold your hand on the pavement, it’s TOO HOT for a walk
  • On hikes there is just about a million things to cut paws and when you move from cool dirt to flat rock that has been heating all day, it is a recipe for trouble.