Cat-A’bout Cat Grass Plus Review

Everyone talks about their pets eating grass. Some are quite surprised about their carnivores devouring the spiky plant, others amused, but there are dangers to letting them graze on the lawn like cattle. One of my first pet rabbits died horribly after grazing after the lawn had been fertilized, so I’m a little traumatized about it all, which is why home grown cat grass peeked my interest.

I see nice green patches selling at the store when I pick up my cat supplies, but the price always turned me away, and then I saw grass growing kits! Perfect! Being me, I found the cheapest of them to try.

Cat-About by MiracleCorp Gimborn

Product Information from Amazon:

  • Cat Grass Plus. Animal Health Supplies
  • Manufacturer part number: 418736/74670
  • Water only once
  • Ready for cats in just one week
  • Easy to use
  • Satisfies a cats natural craving for grass

First, cat grass has fiber which can aid in digestion. For cats with sensitive bellies, or to help rid their stomach of indigestible items (like hairballs), cat grass can induce vomiting and settle their digestive system. Cat grass contains niacin and B vitamins which makes it a good dietary supplement.

Finally, cat grass is a non-toxic, safe alternative to poisonous plants, or chemically treated lawn plus, they seem to like the taste.


Online Ratings:

*The product carried about a 42% 5-star rating of awesome-ness on Amazon and 26% 1-star rating mostly due to failure to sprout but a few complained of mold and jumping weevils. DO NOT offer your pets anything with mold in it.


In House Review:

I followed the directions exactly, even measured the water with a measuring cup and then sat it in a warm, sunny window. As advertised it was very easy to grow, I only had to watch it and it grew about three inches in one week.

Both of my cats simply loved it:

It did induce vomiting in both boys after they gorged themselves on the grass. You will want to limit your cats exposure to it the first few times to encourage moderate consumption. I also recommend avoiding meal times when offering cat grass for the first time, perhaps mid day if you are a twice daily feeder so they have time to regurgitate any troubling stomach contents and give their systems time to recover before meal time.

The product definitely lived up to the advertising but the base is way too light. Perfect for shipping costs and small cats I imagine, but Cooper was dragging the whole thing around when he ate it. A few of the Amazon Reviewers did re-plant it after it grew and said it replants quite easily. I would recommend this or to just try dumping the contents into a heavier container before following the growing directions to weigh it down some.

I did compare it to a DIY version of cat grass in the yellow jar (more info here). Cooper stayed loyal to the Cat A’bout the whole time. Perhaps just because it was closest but…

He really loved it.

River didn’t much have a preference and ate both grasses available. They really didn’t look much different from a human perspective. The Cat A’bout sure offered more surface space than my DIY project, which I very much appreciate, and had much easier growing steps. I think the only thing easier than this product would be buying it pre-grown.

All in all, weight was the only issue. The boys loved it, it grew as directed and lasted about a month. I’d buy it again.