Cat Grass – Feline Review

Once the growling phase was complete, I set all the grass samples down at cat level and took a few pictures. Even before I was finished Cooper came right in so I put the moldy green one back on the shelf and turned to find:

Cooper mowing the lawn with an efficient side stroke!

This seemed to get everyone in the houses attention an the room was quickly filled with cat observers giggling over Coopers fun. But where was the old man?

I went on a short hunt and found him napping. He wasn’t sure about this grass nonsense at first. He does think the power of the catnip is a big hoax and wants nothing to do with the stuff and then:

He was all on board

The two of them chowed and munched for so long I started to get concerned they weren’t going to eat dinner so I called the test off for dinner.

One thing is for sure. They both REALLY like cat grass.


Two paws up! Cat grass it awesome!