Cat Scratchers

Whatever brand, whatever type… get one. Get many. Replace them as needed. Your cat is going to scratch. It’s up to you what they scratch. Every time you see them scratch something they shouldn’t, you have to move them to something they should scratch and then reward them. Every time. No exception. Sometimes this is a test to see which one of you are more stubborn. When it comes to scratching, let it be you.

Scratching Post:

This is the tried and true method. From my first steps in this world, I knew what a scratching post is. Home made or purchased. Cats love these things. Updated information from feline behaviorist suggest to never get anything carpeted so as not to confuse your cat, which makes sense. If you are having scratching issues, you may want to consider getting rid of carpeted scratching posts and tress. If you are not having any issues on the subject, just keep the carpet debate in the back of your mind for future reference and just keep doing what you’re doing

Scratch Pad:

I didn’t hear about these until I became a vet tech and it was a ray of light. Easily replaceable, cat nip infused goodness that you can put anywhere your cat may like scratching. There are angled ones to lean up against their favorite scratching spot on the couch, chair or bed. Lay them against doors to keep cats from digging up carpet. I love this. Love them. And I replace them often enough to prove the boys like them too.

Cat Tree:

The benefits of a scratching post as well as a high spot to watch your domain? Kitty gold. They come in generic to amazing! Old man cat says this is kids stuff and cant be bothered with ours but Cooper Man lives on the thing. When startled he runs right up the tree and then looks to see whats up. Safety first, am I right?

So Which is Best?

We have one tree, one scratching post and two scratch pads in the one room we call home. Whichever your cat will use it the best, but we are here to serve you and will try a variety to help you decide. In the mean time, get a scratch pad.


Grocery stores have them, usually marked up due to convenience but I’ve seen them as low as 3$ for those on a budget. Do not skimp here. 3$ can keep a cat in its home. Scratching is one of the main reasons cats are declawed or sent to shelters to try their luck at a new home. Don’t let it be your cat. Let it scratch. Let it be a cat, without ruining your important things.


Many cats have lost good homes over this.