LeeLoo Dallas – Day 3: Sweet, sweet relief

Poor girl was in a lot of pain this morning. She didn’t purr. She didn’t move. She just laid under the sink. Not hungry. Not lonely. Just totally owch! She wouldn’t even look at me!

She still looks good though.

Just a little red and oh, man she loves her belly rubbed!

Most cats show off their belly to say, “I trust you enough that I will show you my tummy, but don’t you dare touch it!!!” Not LeeLoo. Her purr gets even louder when she is getting belly rubs.

She hung out in Shaun’s lap while he worked on his computer, just purring and purring with Cooper sound asleep on the fish tank which happens to be his second favorite sleeping space. Coopers first choice?

My chair!

She was actually fine with Cooper until he took up this spot, which is far too close to Shaun’s computer for her liking and she started swearing at Cooper again!

That’s when I returned home with her pain meds. Cerenia for nausea and abdominal pain and Onsior for inflammation. She didn’t want to take it. She wanted to swear! She was just a talker though. She took her meds and went back in her room to rest.

After a long rest, she ate some food and perked up remarkably but we didn’t kick the pain completely so I put Cooper upstairs, put in a movie, got a warm rag and hot packed her belly.

Her purr has departed as well, though she looks comfortable.

Hopefully tomorrow we can get a handle on her pain and let her out more.

Day #4