LeeLoo Dallas – Day 6: Priorities

Leeloo was waiting at the door and came right out this morning, but this morning I was ready for it. Cooper was eating breakfast in the laundry room giving LeeLoo full reign of the front room. Tail low but ears up she checked out the place and went right to her spot on the couch. She has a spot! That is really a good sign and I’m so glad it’s not any of Cooper’s spots.

Thank you to SmartyCat Catnip for helping this along. Both LeeLoo and Cooper have taken nip breaks to settle from the stress and it has done them a world of good. LeeLoo rubbing her face on the catnip laced scratching pad is really the most engaged I have seen her yet.

Strangely enough it was the Whisker City Turbo Scratcher LeeLoo rubbed on. The one that didn’t get a good rating before? Yeah, LeeLoo rubbed on it for about three minutes and now Cooper cant get enough of it!! He is all over that thing and was playing with it most of the night. How to I know? I could hear the ball rolling around, and around, and around…. sigh. I should have gotten up and moved it, but Cooper has had such little fun lately, I just let him be. I will need to update that review. That mixed with the cat nip was sure approved by our temporary toy tester! Her first reviews successfully done!

Now all you have to do to become a full time, vetted toy tester LeeLoo is… Don’t yell at the boss!! Not everyone likes their boss girl, but you at least have to pretend you like them. No worries though. You still have three weeks to figure it out. I’ll even bring some Fancy Feast home for you. I know, I know. I have never once recommended Fancy Feast to anyone for any reason but it comes highly rated in the rescue groups to get sick, stressed cats to eat.

Medical Update:

  • Heart worm = Negative
  • FIV/FELV = Negative
  • Fecal = Negative
  • Yay!!!! She’s clean!!!


Now that LeeLoo has chosen her spot and is getting used to the house and her boss, it’s time to prioritize her needs. The first few days with a new pet are always a whirlwind, and then you have to calm down and focus. In Vet Tech mode I have examined LeeLoo at the beginning or end of every encounter I’ve had with her and these are my notes:

Spay Incision:

Has a nice scab and is returning to good color. She still cries when moved though so I assume there is some pain left. Onsior is complete and cats are not great with anti-inflammatory so we will not continue it. We will continue the Cerenia and add some Gabapentin as needed, but not more than twice daily and continue to monitor.

Muscle Tone:

Or the complete lack thereof. This girl has absolutely no muscle. Either she has been in a carrier-kennel her whole life or she has always been the lump she is acting like yesterday. Maybe she was taken from her mom early and so everyone assumed she was older and treated her like an adult when she is really just a scared little kitten. It would explain why she pretty much just stays where you put her, curled in a ball. (Shaun has started calling her a lump!) She doesn’t know what she is or what to do about it!! This really isn’t much unlike Cooper was when he first came to us. I had to teach him what water was! Perhaps that’s why Cooper is being such a gentlemen with her. “Been there kid. You just need time.”

She really is in desperate need for Cooper Cat to teach her how to play but I think she will be sore for awhile as those muscles start to develop. We’ll have to talk to her vet about management.

Appetite Stimulation:

Lack of good nutrition can account for a lot of her crankiness with Cooper. Pain and hunger make me a grumpy cuss. She needs good, high protein to stimulate muscle growth and potassium to help with muscle function. This is why I am willing to get her Fancy Feast, but NOT HUMAN FOOD. Human food is dangerously lacking in the right nutrition she needs. Fancy Feast is junk food, but junk food specially developed for cats! It has what she needs to get back on her feet and learn the ways of catdome. Comfort food at its finest and this girl definitely needs some comfort.

Plan of Action:

I work at the hospital on Thursday so LeeLoo will come with me and get a once over with a doc. She had an exam when I first picked her up but I hadn’t had her long enough to ask specific questions. I have a notoriously bad memory so the Thursday questions are for me to ask the doc about.

Spay Incision:

  • Continue to monitor for improvement.
  • Warm Compress if further discomfort noted.


  • I put out 1/2 cup Authority last night for dinner. I’ll measure remaining chrunchies when I get home.
    • The first questions your vet will ask if you mention reduced appetite is, “How much are they eating?” and “What are they eating?” Don’t be concerned if you don’t know. About 80% of the time I get deer in the headlights stares when I ask these questions but if you do have the answers, we can provide better answers, so take a little time to gather this info before your visit.
  • Let her walk to stimulate an appetite, eat and then rest. The more she does those three things, the better her health will become.
  • Warm up the Fancy Feast to make it more smelly.
  • Movement is definitely needed to strengthen muscles and appetite but slowly now. Slowly
  • Thursday:
    • Fortiflora if extra oomph is needed?
    • Nutri-Cal?

Building Muscle Tone

  • Anytime Shaun or I are home, LeeLoo is out learning the ropes and moving those legs. If there isn’t a parent to supervise, then she stays in the Welcome Room and rests! She is still healing so no jumping or wrestling, but walks are definitely in order, sprinkled with rest times.
  • Massage those back legs when she is laying comfortably
  • Gently work joints in normal jumping-walking action to loosen, one hand on either side of the joint to steady it.
  • ‘Dance’ with her. Hold her up in a stand and move back and forth so she moves slowly back and forth
  • Thursday:
    • K-Laser?
    • Lysine Supplements?

Plan in Motion:

Plans are quite easy to make, it’s in the execution where everything falls apart. So if you are making a plan of action, don’t be surprised if it’s not an instant success. We are all different. Different Bodies. Different Attitudes. Different strengths and different weakness. Revise as often as necessary to make it work.

Lets see how my plans work…

I massaged her back legs and stretched them when she came out of her Welcome Room but she had to walk to her spot on the couch on her own. I checked her room eagerly but she hadn’t touched much of her food. 1/4 cup crunchies in 24 hours and no wet food. When I brought my dinner down LeeLoo perked right up so I brought her bowl out from the Welcome Room and put it in her face.

 Fancy Feast for the win!

I went with liver since it is packed with awesome nutrients and chicken because it’s about as bland as meat can get!

She ate for awhile and then poof…

Nap time!

The bowl didn’t look very empty but I liked that she stretched out and actually closed her eyes. Not quite the lump she has been. It gave me a chance to check her spay incision without bothering her at all.

All natural color! Yay! The glue is still intact and doing it’s job and the scabs are right where they should be so she hasn’t been messing with it. You can get away without an e-collar with good girls like this!

She’s not a fan of dancing, but she put up with it until the kids started laughing about it and got up in our faces. Now I know not to dance in front of a crowd!

Cooper got sick of getting yelled at, I think, and hissed back at LeeLoo tonight, but ran when I moved closer and went right back to being a gentlemen. He got pretty close and just napped with her.

I really am impressed with the young man. He is making this so much easier than I imagined. Even though he is getting displaced a bit, he is still being very well behaved so I added some extra cat nip to his Turbo Scratcher and moved it into the washroom so he can play with it all night if he wants!

Oh no… back to lump time….