LeeLoo Dallas – Day 10: Routine

LeeLoo was up at 5am and wanted to come out! Only to her spot of the couch of course so we all just went back to bed.

When I woke up at 6am she was just a lump on the couch but when the toddler got up, she got off the couch to wander!

I took that time to clean her room and was glad to find an empty bowl…

She did not eat the Cosequin but I’m not surprised, I remembered late last, shoved it in pill pockets and went to bed. gah!

LeeLoo seems to really like Yumiko. She went right in to say hi.

Two spots and a friend? It’s time to start a routine.


We humans don’t always like routine. We like to let our pets free feed and do whatever they want, but kids and pets thrive well on routine. It helps reassure them, gives them something to look forward to and provides their humans with a moment to bond and monitor their furry friends.

6am and 8pm was the boy’s schedule. It facilitated meds and the Old Man getting some time to rest, so I’ll start there.

Venison for Cooper Cat and A/D for LeeLoo.

LeeLoo was eating happily when I left to work at the hospital.

She ate well!

I hadn’t even got in the door after work when I was informed that LeeLoo was ‘lost’ under the bed for 5 hours. No one could find her and was panicking but she was sleeping soundly in the storage bins under the bed. Smart girl!

When I finally made it down stairs I had to immediately break up a hissing match. Cooper was hissing too! But they weren’t even doing anything about it. After all that time fighting with River, I think Cooper thinks hissing is just part of playing! LeeLoo was guarding in the DIY grass but her hackles weren’t up and she didn’t have an aggressive posture at all. I tried not to laugh as I broke up the match, just so it wouldn’t escalate into a real fight but really. I don’t think either of them have the first idea about a fight. Good news for me, but still strange.

After the hissing match she went to her cubby to rest.

When she noticed me bumping around refreshing her water and cleaning her bowls she came out and gave me the hungry eye so I just offered her more food with a smidge for Cooper so he didn’t feel left out and she nommed it up.

Will give her some meds, PROM and massage after I eat some, but it was a long awesome day at the hospital and I just need to sit a moment…

Back in the Fray

Ah, sweet, sweet ham. Ok. then. Work. It was awesome! I love what I do so much, even with a man yelling at us because we didn’t spay and recover his dog in under an hour because he was more super important than anyone else. I can guarantee that even LeeLoo’s $25 dollar spay took longer than an hour. Sigh.

Stupid PROM!

LeeLoo did not enjoy the shoulder range of motion, let alone the hind legs.

She yelled at me and even put her teeth on me so we didn’t get a full stretch. It took us through massage to get her ears back up, but her muscle is feeling more like lean muscle every time! The pain meds and range of motion may just be waking up the cat inside LeeLoo. I wonder what she will be like.

Cooper watched from across the room. He is increasingly dissatisfied with his displacement. He wouldn’t even cuddle with me.

At least sometime during the massage I started getting full range of motion with LeeLoo’s help, at least in the front end. All I got was full extension on the left, hopefully that’s what she needs most anyway.

When she’d had enough of it all, LeeLoo jumped down so I got her a reward bowl of food which she appreciated.

She was still ruffled by the ordeal.

But she licked the plate clean so I added some crunchies in the bowl and she had a few before finding River’s old cubby and settling in… awe.

She fell asleep with her head in her bowl! It was so cute I left her there and didn’t put her in the bathroom.

Cooper came up onto his chair (good boy) and there were some angry words spoken, but then Coop settled in too and they both went to sleep.

Sleep easy kids.

Day 11