LeeLoo Dallas – Day 8: She’s Lump, She’s Lump, She’s in My Head…

I can’t deny that LeeLoo makes that song play through my head. She got up to purr at me this morning after I’d been in her room awhile, but was mostly just a fuzzy potato.

In order to keep the peace, I put LeeLoo on her spot of the couch this morning so she could watch the world from a safe location while I worked on my laptop to update this site and try to get it back on track.

Good progress was made before Cooper crept in. I hadn’t turned any lights on so LeeLoo didn’t notice Cooper at all till he put his feet up on the edge of the couch to say HI!

LeeLoo: HISSSSS. Translation: “OMG! Monster!”

Cooper flees.

LeeLoo perks her ears up and watches where he went with that same, “WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED!!!” look she has mastered. I don’t really think she is a cat under all that fluff.

She let me pet her belly.

She let the 4-year-old dance by her head snapping a toy shark.

She even let me play with her toes. Don’t get me wrong.

I love it. It’s just… odd.

Looking Great

Cooper watched from the back of Shaun’s chair.

Fuzzy cat!!! Cooper rarely stope moving long enough for a good picture, but this was his perch.

Cooper went to Shaun’s lap after for some good rubs. He wants more affection since LeeLoo came and man… he seems so BIG. He was just a normal cat until she came and suddenly…

He’s huge!

She watches everything so curiously but she won’t (I’m starting to think can’t) play, won’t move, not anything. Her watching is teaching her something though. She did jump up by the little fish tank after she saw Cooper do it and she did jump in Shaun’s lap for cuddles after she saw Cooper do it… I don’t think she hates Cooper. I think she just has no idea what to do but hiss. It’s her only game plan. Like those little boys who don’t know how to tell a girl he likes her so instead he pushes her down? Yeah, something like that. She doesn’t swat or lunge, she just makes a lot of noise.


Mornings are usually hard to get pictures due to the poor lighting and rush but I didn’t want to go to work this morning. I’m usually a super hard worker and don’t mind being up at 4am to work on my writing, off to my day job at 7pm with random shifts at the hospital at 3pm or weekends so I don’t have a day off. I like it. I like to be needed and work hard. Maybe it was just River, always there, to keep me on task. Without him I’m just… coasting in neutral. There’s no drive at all.


So I took pictures. Lots of pictures and just hung out with my family. Working hard is great, but I so miss being with my family… I won’t see the humans until after 9pm tonight! At least I’ll get to see LeeLoo and Cooper during my break between one job and the next. Then LeeLoo gets to hang out with me at the hospital till nine. I’m sure she will be ecstatic to be in a kennel again.

Second Vet Visit

LeeLoo understandably did NOT want to go back in her carrier so we had to do the butt first method. She was quiet for the ride and just watched everything around her. It seems only her head is curious, the rest of her is just well… a lump. She came out of the carrier well and loved the bed I set up for her. She reached her head down for some water but wasn’t interested in anything else.

When it was her time for an exam I had Doc O look at LeeLoo while she was laying in the kennel and explained that was about all she did so we took LeeLoo out for an exam. It seems the poor girl hurts everywhere except her belly. Her shoulders, her neck, her wrist, her lower back, her pelvis and her knees. OH MY! I wouldn’t let Cooper near me either.

Worried about a hidden injury we took a few x-rays.

Luckily all it showed was a full colon. Leeloo hurts too much to poop! Ouch! Hopefully it’s just kennel fatigue causing muscle wasting and joint stiffness. So, Gabapentin 2-3 times daily for pain, Cosequin for the joints mixed with passive range of motion stretches and massage.

Doc was concerned her skipping meals was more to do with her neck pain making it hurt to lower her head to eat and the crunchies might also hurt to chew so we picked up a can of A/D and a can of RCVD Recovery to try as well as some Fortiflora and went home.

Home Again?!!

Cooper met us at the door so I set the carrier on the couch so she could walk out to her spot on the couch and she sure did! I should have recorded her coming out of the carrier. She seemed so happy to come back to the same place and not another new place! She took her Cosequin and gaba without too much struggle. I gave her 20 or so minutes to rest before bringing her a shallow bowl of A/D mixed with water and Fortiflora.

Even as I sat down with the bowl she perked up and started sniffing the air. When I put the bowl in front of her she ate…

And ate…

and ate…

It doesn’t look like much, but more than she has ever eaten in one sitting.

Instead of lumping over, she jumped off the couch and went to the tent Cooper was hiding in. Curiously at first she put her nose under the tent. FRIEND! Cooper pounced and LeeLoo got mad!

But she didn’t go far. She just chose a new spot to watch the world. Two spots?!? This is a very good sign.

I moved the bowl to her hiding spot and she continued to eat as she settled down.

That’s a more respectable feeding.

When I put her to bed she had her usual bowl of Authority and her new raised bowl for her A/D. Yeah, I know its slapdash, but it’s 9:30pm and I need to get the kids to bed for school in the morning. Yes. I am old. Sigh…

Back to crunchies. Whatever makes you happy princess. Continue feeling better!

Day 9