LeeLoo Dallas – Day 9: Road to Recovery

Due to some hooligan missing her alarm and sleeping in (I miss you so bad River!) LeeLoo didn’t get a lot of time out this morning and she mostly rested by the 4-year-old who was still asleep but when Shaun came out, she moved to sit in his lap. She moved! Yay! She even stretched out long and started cleaning herself.

It’s not a good sign when cats don’t groom themselves, which was one of the issues that influenced my decision to take her to the vet for the second time in one week. And I’m glad we did! The game plan hasn’t changed much, it will just be so much easier with medication on board to soothe the pain and that A/D sure made her happy.

After another crazy, hectic day I returned home with the kids and gave LeeLoo her Gaba.

She let Cooper hang out by her spot and after food…

She totally crashed out. Not like lump, like completely crashed out without a care in the world! Yay!

When the exuberant kids woke her up, I wrapped her in a warm towel from the dryer…

And started her PROM (passive range of motion). Her shoulder and neck didn’t seem to bother her much, she was just confused on what I was doing, but those back legs. OUCH! I only did two full extensions on every limb and two on her head and neck but after…

She totally stretched out! Like head off my lap stretch! Good girl!

To apologize for the pain, I massaged her and Princess LeeLoo liked that.I’m feeling much more encouraged by her improvement today.

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